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Internship Detail

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Description: This is an awesome position for anyone looking to gain marketing experience OR to simply bask in the warm glow of publishing industry experience. Berrett-Koehler Publishers is a mission based publishing company that publishes books on social justice, business reform and life. We promise you will:

• Have the opportunity to follow the evolution of books from proposal through publication

• Participate in crafting and executing promotional strategies

• Meet authors and talented industry professionals who care that you are here

• Spearhead special top-secret research projects, often according to what YOU are most interested in (For example, if you're interested in writing or editorial work you'll have the chance to write catalog or other marketing copy and/or apply to review manuscripts)

After completing your internship, you'll be able to add some seriously impressive bullet points to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Gold-star resume bullet points:

• Assisted in the tracking and analysis of sales data and created weekly sales summary reports as well as book campaign summary reports

• Prepared marketing materials (including sales kits, marketing plans, and promotional materials) and helped transmit seasonal title information to distributors and sales partners such as Amazon
• Compiled marketing plans and production/marketing timelines for authors, and attended and assisted in author marketing meetings and marketing strategy meetings

• Researched and conducted outreach to special sales contacts and/or author tour contacts

• Assisted in book launch marketing, including implementing social media marketing strategies

• Completed a relevant self-directed project that helped to improve the function of the marketing department and improved research skills.

You'll have the opportunity to attend lots of author, department, and staff meetings. You are encouraged set up one-on-one interviews with individual staff members to pick their brains about what you-re most excited to learn! If the timing is right, we will even invite you to pre-sales meetings with our distributor and industry gatherings to give you a chance to schmooze with other publishing folks.
Length of Internship: Minimum 3 months
Location: Oakland, CA
How To Apply For This Internship: Please send your resume, cover letter, and any available social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Blog, LinkedIn, ...) to
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